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Do shellac nails ruin your nails?

Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails (no sculpting or filing). It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels.
In fact, experts claim there are several points in the gel/shellac process that not only have the potential to damage your nails and nail beds (acetone, anyone?), but could also put your health at risk. Overzealous nail filing to prepare the nail for layers of gel can expose new skin to chemicals and infections.

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What is the difference between shellac and gel nails?

A gel manicure and a Shellac manicure are essentially the same thing: long-lasting polishes cured under UV lamps. The difference is that "gel nails" or "manicure" is the generic term for nails done under a UV lamp, while Shellac is a brand of gel nails by the company Creative Nail Design (CND).

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Is CND Shellac UV or LED?

All CND™ SHELLAC™ Base Coats should be cured for 10 seconds in the CND™ LED Lamp (preset button 1) or 10 seconds in the CND™ UV Lamp. CND Shellac is a ‘genuine hybrid’ UV gel polish. That means its formula is similar to a traditional nail polish (like Rimmel, or Revlon). so it can be applied more thinly. It looks like a classic polish but has the benefits of UV gel (dries instantly, is extra glossy and lasts for two weeks). The thinner application means removal takes around five minutes, max.

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